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CNC VTL Machine

CNC VTL Machine combines the capabilities of computer numerical control (CNC) technology with a vertical turret lathe. It enables precise turning, milling, drilling, and cutting operations on large and heavy workpieces with enhanced accuracy, productivity, and versatility.


Bed Plate

A Bed Plate is a flat and sturdy base used in engineering and manufacturing processes. It provides a stable and level surface for mounting and supporting heavy machineries, such as engines, turbines, or equipment requiring precision alignment.

VTL Machine

A VTL Machine is heavy-duty industrial equipment used for machining large and heavy workpieces. It features a vertically oriented turret and a rotating table, enabling precise cutting, drilling, and turning operations on various materials.

Surface Plate

Surface Plate is a flat and level precision measuring tool used in metrology and engineering. It provides a reference surface for the inspection and calibration of tools and components, ensuring accurate measurements and dimensional accuracy.


Plano Miller Machine

A Plano Miller Machine is an industrial tool used for milling, shaping, and grinding large workpieces. It features a rigid gantry structure with horizontal and vertical spindles, allowing for precise machining operations on materials like metal, wood, or plastic.


CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC Vertical Machining Center is a highly automated machine tool used for precision machining operations. It utilizes computer numerical control (CNC) technology and a vertical spindle to perform milling, drilling, and cutting tasks on various materials with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Angle Plate

Angle Plate is a versatile tool used in machining and metalworking. It has a flat surface with precision-angled sides, providing a stable reference for holding workpieces at various angles during milling, drilling, or grinding operations, aiding in precise and efficient machining.

Welding Plate

Welding Plate also known as a welding table or welding bench, is a flat and sturdy surface used for welding operations. It provides a stable work area for securing and positioning metal components during welding, ensuring proper alignment and facilitating efficient and high-quality welds.

Rail Planer Machine

Rail Planer Machine is a specialized equipment used for maintaining and restoring railway tracks. It features a cutting head that removes imperfections and irregularities from the rail surface, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of trains while extending the lifespan of the tracks.

Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine is used for shaping and machining workpieces. It rotates the workpiece on its axis while various cutting tools are applied, allowing for operations such as turning, facing, drilling, and threading, enabling the creation of cylindrical or conical shapes with high precision.

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